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At Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital, we help prevent behavior problems by providing new pet consultations in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Bring in your new pet within the first week of his or her new life in your home and we will help get your new addition (whether young or old) off to a good start.

Prevent Behavior Problems with Puppies and Kittens

For puppies and kittens we provide information on socialization, house-training / litter-box training, appropriate play, mental stimulation and behavioral training. To prevent behavior problems you need to identify the unacceptable behavior and provide the appropriate outlets to counteract them.

Prevent behavior problems with kittens in the areas of:

  • Playing: Provide toys that can be batted and chased

  • Exploring: Create areas to explore like boxes and paper bags / Hide treats or catnip in toys

  • Scratching: Setup posts for scratching

  • Elimination: Setup litter areas for elimination

  • Social Needs: Spay or neuter to help to reduce any sexual motivation

Prevent behavior problems with puppies in the areas of:

  • Barking: Stop annoying barking by not rewarding the attention-seeking behavior

  • Biting: Teach bite inhibition while also providing proper chew toys

  • Exercise: A tired dog is a happy dog

  • Social Behavior: Establish your leadership role with structure and positive reinforcement

  • Training: Teach obedience commands ASAP by rewarding good behavior

Prevent Behavior Problems with Adult Dogs and Cats

For adult dogs, we cover the previously mentioned topics and address the challenges of integrating into a new home. When bringing a new adult pet into your home you must understand that he or she has special needs. Not only has your new pet experienced the trauma of losing their original home, some animals have lived in several different places and may have been housed in crowded, stressful environments.

Many newly adopted animals have behavior problems ranging from separation anxiety and aggression to litter box problems and house-soiling. Our goal is to help you and your pet adjust to each other and to your new living situation.

Avoid problems before they occur by selecting the right pet for your family.

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