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Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital offers pet grooming services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Even if your pet has special needs, is timid or anxious, or is elderly, our certified groomer has been extensively trained and has the experience and patience to groom your pet to perfection.

A basic grooming service include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. If your pet’s coat is very thick or soiled we can provide a soaking session prior to the shampoo. We also have various medicated shampoos on hand for sensitive, dry, itchy, or oily skin.

Because our dog groomer is located here at the animal hospital, if she discovers anything that may require extra attention, such as an ear infection or skin abnormality, she can easily notify one of our veterinarians to take a look and call to discuss the situation.

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Benefits of Dog Grooming:

  • Your dog will look great – obviously!

  • Your dog’s mental health and self-image will improve – a transformation will come over a clean, well-groomed dog. No more greasy hair, crusty eyes, dirty ears or overgrown nails! Your dog will feel good when he or she looks good.

  • Your dog’s behavior will improve – an improved mental state leads to improved behavior because a dog that feels better will be happy and, therefore, act better.

  • Promotes your dog’s health – a thorough brushing removes dead hair, dirt and debris that can house bacteria, mites and parasites (like fleas and ticks).

Cats need to be Groomed Too

Sure your cat washes itself several times a day, but your cat will definitely benefit from a professional grooming session as well – especially long-haired cats whose fur can become matted over time. A nice, relaxing brushing followed by a shampoo and blow dry, then a nail trim or scissoring to complete your cat’s fresh look. If your cat has special requirements, just let us know; we can customize any grooming session to best suit your needs.

We Love Senior Pets!

If you have a senior pet with special needs, such as anxiety or arthritis, we will give him or her the extra attention needed to make your pet feel comfortable and have a great experience.

Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital offers pet grooming services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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