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Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital provides preventive health care for dogs and cats in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area.

Preventive health care on a regular basis will save your pet from unnecessary suffering and save you from unwanted grief, worry and large veterinary bills. Annual physical exams are recommended for pets just as they are for humans. And if your pet is older or has medical problems, he or she may need more frequent examinations.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Preventive Care

When pets come in for regular preventive visits, we are able to find any potential problems even before they are apparent to the owner. During a preventive visit we administer a complete physical exam including checking your pet’s teeth, lymph nodes, eyes, ears, skin, heart, etc. By identifying a problem before it takes off we are able to maintain the well-being of your pets.

Areas the doctor checks during an exam include:

  • Weight: has there been an increase or decrease in weight or is your pet overweight?

  • Mouth: are there signs of dental disease, abnormalities, or loose, broken, or chipped teeth?

  • Eyes: are there signs of cataracts, glaucoma or inflammation?

  • Ears: is there infection or inflammation?

  • Lymph Nodes: is there any swelling or signs of masses?

  • Heart: are there heart murmurs or an irregular heartbeat?

  • Lungs: are there any unusual sounds?

  • Abdomen: is there any pain or are there masses? Is the size normal?

  • Hair, Coat and Skin: is the coat shiny or dull? Is there hair loss? Dander? Excessive oil?

  • Orthopedic: how are the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and spine? Any pain?

  • Rectal: any signs of tumors? How is the prostate on intact male dogs?

  • Parasites: are there any fleas, ticks, intestinal (requires stool sample), heartworms?

  • Blood Work: how is the function of the internal organs?

Senior Pets Need Physical Exams Twice a Year

Because our pets age more rapidly than humans (on average, five to seven years for every human year), their senior years come more quickly. We recommend that our senior pets (age 6 and over) have a physical exam and blood work every six months. If you have a pet that requires special care or with an illness, our veterinarians will recommend a physical exam schedule based on each individual pet.

Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital offers preventive medical care for dogs and cats in the Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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